mardi 30 mars 2010

Solar Magic Advance 0.33 Beta 2

Solar Magic Advance 0.33 Beta 2 by LuigiBlood

This zip must contains :
- Solar Magic Advance.exe
- Solar Magic Advance.txt (...)
- tools\sma4savfix.exe (purplebridge001)
- tools\sma4comp.exe (purplebridge001)
- tools\sma4savtool.exe (purplebridge001)
- tools\nedcenc.exe (CaitSith2)
- tools\raw2bmp.exe (CaitSith2)
- tools\nedclib.dll (CaitSith2)

Changelog :
0.33 beta 2 :
- Almost all Bank 0 Sprite Names added !

Download :

mardi 23 mars 2010

Solar Magic Advance 0.4 will use Python !

Yeah, seriously. I did a little test with Python, and it works very good !
It can create 1ups Cards without any problems.

Why this change ? Because Python is actually easier to use than VB.NET. (Well, that's what i think)

However, i will still be working on SMA 0.33, it needs a Final Release before 0.34.
(Upaluppa, the sprite list, i really need it !)

samedi 6 mars 2010

"Magic Project"

Those who were been following me on Twitter might have seen :
"Magic Project" is on the works (very slow though)... (It's not Solar Magic Advance at all)

Actually, it's another project that is not related to Solar Magic Advance at all, but don't worry :
I'm still working on Solar Magic Advance. I won't let this project being down.

"Magic Project" is a codename, for a top secret project :
It's about SNES, and it's also about "S-MSU1", the homebrew chip to have 4GB of data and CD quality Audio. It's also about ROM Hacking.