vendredi 19 février 2010

Always remember that :

You can help me in some ways.

You can use Solar Magic Advance and make me know about some bugs.
You can make Sprite List or/and a Object List for eLevels.
You can make me know about some things i don't know about in eLevel Format.

IRC channel

Link to official e-Reader/Solar Magic Advance channel :

jeudi 18 février 2010

Solar Magic Advance 0.33 Beta

Solar Magic Advance 0.33 Beta by LuigiBlood

This zip must contains :
- Solar Magic Advance.exe
- Solar Magic Advance.txt (...)
- tools\sma4savfix.exe (purplebridge001)
- tools\sma4comp.exe (purplebridge001)
- tools\sma4savtool.exe (purplebridge001)
- tools\nedcenc.exe (CaitSith2)
- tools\raw2bmp.exe (CaitSith2)
- tools\nedclib.dll (CaitSith2)

Changelog :
0.33 beta :
- Fixed Level Icon detection.
- Can now make Level Cards as BIN format.
- Can compress eLevels.
- Can uncompress eLevels.
- Sprites have names (not completed yet) (Upaluppa, i'm still waiting...)
- Level Card SAV Console added (Can manage the e-Levels from the save)
- e-Cards Format Converter fixed.

Download :

mercredi 17 février 2010

Japanese cards !

I can finally work on Japanese SMA4's Cards.

Video :