lundi 1 août 2011

Solar Magic Advance 0.5 will be in C#

Decided to not care about Python anymore.

It will be a LEVEL EDITOR. Not a Level Viewer anymore.
0.4 was in Python, and the source code is still on Google Code.

dimanche 8 août 2010

Solar Core announcement

Wait what ? What's that ?

It's the core of Solar Magic Advance.
Core ? Why core ?

Consider Solar Core like an editor engine.
(It also means you can make your own editor with it)

mercredi 23 juin 2010

Power-Up Card Document

Back, and did a page about the format of SMA4's Power-Up Cards :

Yeah, Solar Magic Advance will make a comeback, i still one day left before school ends (Friday).

vendredi 14 mai 2010

Still need help !

I still need help here. I just can't continue Solar Magic Advance.

Anyway, i wanted to let you know that i am still here, and waiting for help.

vendredi 16 avril 2010

Solar Magic Advance 0.33 Beta 3 !!

Solar Magic Advance 0.33 beta 3 by LuigiBlood

This zip must contains :
- Solar Magic Advance.exe
- Solar Magic Advance.txt (...)
- tools\sma4savfix.exe (purplebridge001)
- tools\sma4comp.exe (purplebridge001)
- tools\sma4savtool.exe (purplebridge001)
- tools\nedcenc.exe (CaitSith2)
- tools\raw2bmp.exe (CaitSith2)
- tools\nedclib.dll (CaitSith2)

Changelog :
0.33 beta 3 :
- Save Edition bug has been fixed, you can now edit the save !
- Some Bank 1 Sprite Names added.

Download it here :

lundi 12 avril 2010

Help me...

...I'm asking for help.

I need someone who could do the discoveries on e-Level Format.
It would help me VERY MUCH.
(Of course, i will be still doing the programming of Solar Magic Advance.)

I can't abandon Solar Magic Advance because it's something that i want to finish. But if anyone helps me very VERY MUCH, my work would be faster to do, and i can make the ROM Editor faster.

dimanche 11 avril 2010

Solar Magic Advance 0.4 SVN r8

Right now, on Google Code, there's the source code of 0.4 revsion 8, which supports :
- Power-Up Cards (Item, 1up and Switch)
- Demo Cards (SAV to Card)
- AND US and JP cards ! (Thanks to the source of CaitSith2's SMA4Tool)

And somehow...
I have some name ideas for some other Level Editors :
- Solar Magic Dream
- Solar Magic World
- Solar Magic Island

I'm sure you can guess which games they are for.