mercredi 20 janvier 2010

New feature on 0.33.

I did talk about it on Twitter :
I made a Level Card SAV Console on Solar Magic Advance :

It's basically a Command Line Console made for sma4savtool. It could help those who doesn't know how to use DOS. You just need to type the parameters on the Text Box. Simple ! There will be some other versions of it, like a Easy to use GUI for it.


I'm on Twitter now !

But don't expect me to be on Facebook.

dimanche 10 janvier 2010

Solar Magic Advance is still alive !

Even though it's going slowly, which the main reason is i'm waiting for a Completed Sprite List from Upaluppa, i just added a new feature that everyone would like.

Here's the changelog for now :
- Fixed Level Icon detection.
- Can now make Level Cards as BIN format.
- Can compress eLevels.
- Sprites have names (not completed yet)