samedi 19 décembre 2009

Solar Magic Advance 0.3 released !

Solar Magic Advance 0.3 by LuigiBlood

This zip must contains :
- Solar Magic Advance.exe
- Solar Magic Advance.txt
- sma4savfix.exe (Thanks to purplebridge001 to make this.)
- nedclib.dll (Thanks to CaitSith2 !)

My Comment about this version :
It ONLY READS Uncompressed eLevel Files.
It can maybe help you on making Level Cards manually.
Anyway, it shows how it's going.

Changelog :
0.3 :
- Uncompressed eLevel Support. (View Only)

Thanks to :
- purplebridge001 to make the SMA4 SAV Checksum FIX.
- CaitSith2 for his e-Reader DLL.

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