dimanche 29 novembre 2009

Working on Level Cards... (Part 1)

Well, right now i'm working on Level Cards.
However, don't expect version 0.1 about the fact that you can create one.
Solar Magic Advance 0.1 will only read Uncompressed Level Cards (*.level).

I'm using DJBouche's and caitsith2's documents about the Uncompressed Level Cards.

Right now, i did something very simple, that did make me know about a new function on Liberty BASIC (I'm a beginner, i don't even know C++ very good...) : ASC( str$ ). I will use this all the time...
Right now, it can read Uncompressed Level Cards, but it only reads two bytes :
Offset 0x000000 = eCoin Placement (0=No eCoin)
Offset 0x000001 = Number of Ace Coins (0= No Ace Coins)

Two dialogs appears :
One that says if eCoin is there or not, and another one that says how many Ace Coins are there.

That's all i did, but anyway, just after doing this post, i will continue ^^

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